Capital Tour XXL

Explore the world of startup funding by bike in one day
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Find out everything about how to get funding! Jump on your bike and ride the Amsterdam canals from investor to investor & dive into their mindset. We guarantee you: This will be a rollercoaster of a learning experience.

On September 28th, 150 startup founders will hop on their bikes to visit all kinds of investors at their HQs in Amsterdam. In a group of around 12 startups, you will visit three investors at their offices. Each visit lasts 50 minutes and will be moderated by a tour guide from the startup community. Once there, you get answers to all your funding questions and learn more about the investor’s way of thinking.

After the tour, all startups and investors come together to further connect and enjoy a walking dinner.

What can you expect?

– Explore the world of startup funding in Amsterdam in just one afternoon.
– Find out how investors think and what they are looking for.
– Get a chance to informally connect with relevant investors in the field.

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Who is it for?

  • (Pre-)Seed startups (first mvp, exploring options, ready for first round)
  • Early stage startups
  • Angel investors
  • Crowdfunders
  • VC investors
  • Other finance wizards

When and where is it taking place?

Location: Amsterdam, Kick-off @ Stedelijk Museum

Date: 28th of September

Time: 12:30h

Price: Early Bird Tickets €65,-

How do I get tickets?

About the organizer

In our network we see that a lot of startups find it difficult to find the right investors for their business. Especially when approaching investors there is this barrier why a lot of startups do not know how to connect with investors properly. How do I meet an investor? What are my options? How should I act?

Capital Tour XXL’s mission is to demystify this world of capital. During the event startups visit by bike a selection of your city’s finest investors and discover the capital eco-system in one day. The event provides an informal setting where relevant connections can be made and new deals can be born.

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