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Angel Island


Angel Island launches Europe’s Most Valuable Angel.


The toughest fear for a startup is not the one related to finding that first angel. It is the one on how to find that particular angel that adds not only money but also specific value in that crucial early stage. Having this in mind, Angel Island organizes the first European competition for angels with the aim to celebrate the ones who drive the community forward. Therefore, Europe’s Most Valuable Angel will be announced during this year’s edition of Angel Island on 26th of September in Amsterdam.
No Keynotes, No Pitches, Only Meaningful Connections.


The island next to Amsterdam packed with angel investors, VCs, global influencers, and startups – that’s Angel Island, the exclusive unconference.
“Angel Island combines the best of Amsterdam – boats, DJs, a fortress, crazy creative people – with the coolest international crowd of founders and investors.” – Special Envoy, Prince Constantijn van Oranje, StartupDelta.
Breaking the traditional pitching and investor meetings, Angel Island connects the unconnected and brings together the bravest and the most brilliant minds every year to combine the resources that will contribute to a sustainable future. The one-day event takes 200 angel investors, 50 venture capitalists, and 200 startup founders on an island with the aim to create meaningful relationships that will help each other progress and disrupt industries.
“It has given us the amazing opportunity to connect with angel investors in an informal setting, which resulted in an investment within 60 days.” – 2016 Participant, Floris van Hoogenhuyze, Founder Barqo
For more detailed information, find Angel Island’s press release here.

Need to know

Who is it for?

  • Early stage startups, looking for seed capital
    (<2 years, <5 employees)
  • (Virgin) Angel Investors

When and where is it taking place?

Location: secret island location

Date: September 26th, 2017

Time: tba

Tickets: Higly curated

How do I get tickets?

About the organizer

The team behind the Angel Island consists of local influencers in the startup community around the Netherlands with a true passion for community building that were hand-picked according to no-asshole-policy.

The Angel Effect.

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