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Giving you a smart overview of the EU funds roadmap.
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Do you feel lost in the jungle of EU funding opportunities? The B. Amsterdam bootcamp gives you a smart overview of the EU funds roadmap during Amsterdam Capital Week on September 25th.

We help you to speak the EU language and to prevent unnecessary efforts and lost investments in fundraising.

By attending this bootcamp you’ll be able to assess if EU funding is something you should try for your product development and scale. It will be explained which funding schemes would be fitting to you when are the next deadlines and what are your chances to win.

Organized by B. Amsterdam in collaboration with Katalin Gallyas & Louis Papaemmanuel (senior EU fundraisers & innovation experts): c*funds & EU Startup Services

Need to know

Who is it for?

  • For startups ready for European expansion

When and where is it taking place?

Location: B. Amsterdam, B.3 (Johan Huizingalaan 400)

Date: 25th of September, 2017

Time: 16:00

Price: Free entrance // only 40 seats available

How do I get tickets?

RSVP before September 15, by sending an email to Yeni Joseph at:

About the organizer


// B. Building Business is a multidimensional company that provides creative work spaces for innovation, education, and growth. With 40.000 square meters and three buildings B. is the biggest startup ecosystem of Europe.

B. builds a bridge between startups, creatives, and corporates and brings them together. Setting up ways to connect with-, learn from- and grow with each other. We believe in building a habitat for innovators that enables them and everyone around them to thrive. By becoming part of the B. community, you get access to the right work spaces, toolset, knowledge and social environment to improve your business, in the best way possible.

See us as a mediator to help corporates innovate and startups scale up. Sharing infrastructures and tools to enable business to flourish. To accommodate growth, whether you’re a starting entrepreneur or an experienced one, B. provides numerous services and facilities.
// c*funds (with in-house EU evaluators and reviewers) has translated complicated EU language into startup language and has brought valuable fundraising knowledge and actual funds to many startups. c*funds is a mix between EU funds and private investments. Documents are smartly translated and reused both for raising investments (seed, Angel, Series A) and EU funds (EUROSTARS and SME2). We have introduced the concept of “Integral Fundraising” between these 2 channels (EU funds & Investments). To save time and costs to many startups.
// EU Startup Services: Highly ranked EU fundraising consultancy from Brussels with great track records on funding all over Europe.

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