Smart Green Capital Course

Realizing sustainable solutions
As an entrepreneur you want to fuel the growth of your start-up, for which there is a broad set of financing forms and financing parties. The choice for finance form and financing party has an impact on your venture, which can be difficult to oversee beforehand. It is time for you to understand financing better and get behind the wheel. In this session we will elaborate on the  broad set of financing forms, both debt and equity, and will drill down on the implications of these forms on your venture.
Next to capital the network and expertise of your financier helps you to accelerate your venture. For this reason we will go beyond the financing forms and provide an overview of the financier landscape in the Netherlands, with a focus on amongst others VCs, PEs, banks and crowdfunding, and we will elaborate on the financing and added value these parties have to offer. Finally, when the time is there that you have found your financing form and financier of choice, we will offer you some valuable lessons on negotiating and setting agreements with financiers.

Need to know

Who is it for?

  • Social and clean tech entrepreneurs (start-ups in seed, development and growth phase)

When and where?

Location: StartGreen Capital office, at Royal tropical institute

Date: September 26th, 2018

Time: 11:45-13:45

Tickets: Free

How do I join?

About the organizer

StartGreen Capital aims to realize sustainable solutions. StartGreen Capital invests in entrepreneurs who want to take the next step with their innovative and sustainable technologies, products or services.

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