Corporate Network Event #5

Next Evolution of Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate Network Event #5 is all about Corporate Venture Capital! This Capital Week edition specifically welcomes innovation managers together with their CVC fund managers to learn what makes a successful CVC program, and how they should or shouldn’t be aligned with the overall strategy of the corporate.

Corporate venturing activities have seen a sharp increase in Europe since 2015. Leading companies are setting up structures to work with the start-up/growth company ecosystem, and more companies than ever are investing in the ecosystem, to stay ahead in the market. Some of this is due to the availability of capital, but mostly this is because of the exponential rise of emerging technologies that corporates want to utilise to transform their current business, or setting up new revenue streams.


14.30 – 15.00    Walk-in + registration

15.00 – 17.00    Plenary session

17.00 – 18.30    Informal drinks with pre-selected startups

Need to know

Who is it for?

  • Innovation managers
  • Fund managers

When and where?

Location: Epicenter Amsterdam

Date: September 25th, 2018

Time: 14:30-18:30

Tickets: Invite-Only

How do I join?

About the organizer

Corporate Network Event #5 is a co-creation between Startup Amsterdam, Amsterdam Economic Board & Avanto Ventures. With the support of Epicenter Stockholm.

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