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Investors meet university startups
Investors meet university start-ups from the Amsterdam Venture Studios network.

Meet University start-ups from Amsterdam Venture Studios

Amsterdam Venture Studios facilitates start-up and growth of new impactful businesses from each of the University campuses in Amsterdam.

Meet these innovative and science based startups and engage with the AVS network.

Need to know

Who is it for?

  • AVS startups
  • Investors

When and where?

Location: Amsterdam Canals

Date: September 27th, 2018

Time: 9:30 - 12:00

Tickets: invite only

How do I join?

About the organizer

The Amsterdam Venture Studios offer students, researchers and alumni of the Amsterdam knowledge institutes the opportunity to transform their ideas into action. These new places on the Amsterdam campuses facilitate the start and growth of new impactful businesses.

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